This is the main fundraiser for our church. We ask for the help of all parishioners.

Every family is asked to bring at least one cake for the cakewalk. You will receive a free cake walk ticket for every cake you donate.

We need baked goods, crafts and produce for the Country Store.

Baskets for Silent Auction—If your family would like to make a basket for the silent auction, please bring it to the silent auction table by 1:30 pm on Septemberfest day. If you have items to add to baskets, please bring them to the rectory basement on Saturday, September 14th between 9:00 and 10:00 am and we will wrap them for you. Questions? Contact Laura at the office. 402-476-2610.

Please come and enjoy the food and festivities!
Invite your friends, family, and neighbors.



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